Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Peter Deeb, Chairman, Hampton Securities

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Peter Deeb, Chairman & CEO 
Founder.jpgHaving begun his career in business in 1986, Peter Deeb has followed an entrepreneurial course that has led him into a wide variety of business sectors including Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Construction, Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas Shipping and Real Estate; a portfolio of experience that he brings to his individual and institutional clients at Hampton Securities.

His career began when he founded a small construction business in 1986 with a partner, which grew into one of Canada’s largest Government construction contractors. In the early 90s, Peter began investing in the energy transportation sector. At that time the sector was struggling as a result of low oil prices and huge over-capacity. This investment venture grew into a portfolio of more than fifty vessels that transport dry bulk cargo, LNG and crude oil to energy buyers around the world. 

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Peter Deeb's Overview

  • Chairman at Hampton Securities
  • Chairman at Medstar Maritime Group
  • Director at RIFT Energy Corporation
  • York University
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